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"Debut vinyl from this Philly band that plays mean and heavy hardcore. They're not really stylized or retro enough to qualify as d-beat (even irrespective of what drumbeats they rely on), but are instead part of a nameless strand of hardcore that uses all tools at their disposal to deliver maximum rage and power. I feel like you can hear influences from all over the map--the metallic heaviness of Burning Spirits-style Japanese hardcore, the loose catharsis of bands like Born Against and Rorschach, the fury of neo-d-beat like Framtid, and even a touch of Neurosis's moodiness, but it's all digested and synthesized into a remarkably coherent and distinctive sound. I feel like it's kind of rare these days to hear a band incorporate more than just a couple of influences into their sound, and if you appreciate that extra level depth in your hardcore this is highly recommended."
- Sorry State Records


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