MASTER SERVOS - "Psychic Readings"


Psychic Readings was the end result of three trial and errors for Master Servos. M.S. initial attempts at finding their sound continued to fall short till they recorded Simply Devoured, which they are extremely proud of. Simply Devoured became the outline for the follow up album Psychic Readings.

Matt Auxier not only created the music, but recorded, mixed and mastered the entire project. With the help of Ian Mausoleum the two of them were able to channel the likes of Depeche Mode, Front 242, and Sisters of Mercy.
Psychic Readings can journey from hard dance hits like Nighty’Night, to the romantic dream of Last Words.

While Auxier is creating music, Mausoleum spends time writing vocal melodies, and lyrics. The lyrics of Psychic Readings focus on Mausoleums grips with death and addiction, as they always have. This album becomes very personal for him on tracks like Wintermute, and Last Words.

Master Servos delivers on every track on Psychic Readings, leaving no room for fillers. The album is thirty minutes of nonstop electronic

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